Lowa Z6N GTX C

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The certified version of the multi-talented boot for many different missions: With the Z-6N GTX C, LOWA has created a very comfortable boot that is both very func­tional and light­weight. It is perfect for missions performed on chal­lenging terrains and for marches with medium-heavy backpacks. This quality is enhanced by the mission-optimised rubber mix and the profile of the sole. The heat- and cold-insu­lating sole complex is anti-slip. It is also resistant to oil, petrol and contact heat. The elevated upper made of really durable buffalo leather provides optimal stability and support. At the same time, the durable PU material used in the sole provides excep­tional cush­ioning and stability with the help of various degrees of rigidity. The lining with the GORE-TEX membrane creates an optimal foot climate even during sweat-generating activity. The Z-6N GTX C is also anti­static.

Certified working boot according to DIN EN ISO 20347:2012

EU declaration of conformity (310682–0410-z-6n-gtx-c.pdf)EU declaration of conformity (310682–0493-z-6n-gtx-c.pdf)EU declaration of conformity (310682–0999-z-6n-gtx-c.pdf)EU declaration of conformity (310683–0410-z-6n-gtx-c-w.pdf)EU declaration of conformity (310683–0493-z-6n-gtx-c-w.pdf)EU declaration of conformity (310683–0999-z-6n-gtx-c-w.pdf)

Weight: 1330 g/Pair (UK 8)


Use your Z-6N GTX C for COMBAT DEPLOYMENT , Tactical Units , Fast-roping and Parachute Jumps


    Combat deployment is a military assignment conducted in an active war zone. The combat mission is designed to fend off threats as well as to restore and maintain public safety. The terrain can vary greatly, depending on the area of operation. It may range from urban areas to remote locations with rough terrain. The ideal footwear for combat missions has a stable upper that supports the ankle and provides a high level of comfort even during extended engagements. A robust fabric provides the required durability, even under adverse conditions.

    • Stable upper
      The stable upper provides the support required for demanding situ­ations.

    • Very robust
      The very robust boot is designed to handle long, demanding combat missions.

    • Comfortable
      The boot is also ideal for extended periods of wear thanks to its high level of comfort.


    Special missions are law enforcement oper­ations conducted by tactical units on variable terrain for the purpose of fighting terrorism, rescuing hostages and enforcing arrest warrants. Footwear worn during special missions has particular features that enable it to meet the variable requirements of such oper­ations in the best-possible way. These critical features include high agility created by moderate upper and sole rigidity, multi­direc­tional soles for fast changes of direction and low weight for fast-paced missions.

    • High agility
      The boot’s upper and sole stiffness do not limit the user and have been optimised for fast movements.

    • Multi­direc­tional sole
      The multi­direc­tional sole provides the foot with the support it needs during fast movements without limiting manoeuv­rability.

    • Light­weight
      The light­weight design signi­ficantly increases the foot­wear’s dynamics.


    Fast roping is a quicker technique than abseiling. Fast roping involves mission forces sliding down a rope from heli­copters without using descenders. The method enables mission forces to land on ships and to be introduced to hard-to-reach terrain or developed areas. Because of the friction produced by rope sliding, the medial side of the boot must be equipped with heat protection. Similar to footwear worn during para­chuting, the boots must have such special features as closed lace-up hooks and good heel cush­ioning to lessen the impact of landing.

    • Protected medial side of the boot
      The protected medial side of the boot prevents premature wear and tear caused by sliding on a rope.

    • Closed hooks
      The closed hooks prevent the footwear from getting caught in the rope during descent.

    • Good heel cush­ioning
      The good heel cush­ioning lessens the force of the impact with the ground.


    Para­chuting involves a range of different jumps from aero­planes to introduce troops to areas of operation. Such missions can involve jumps made at low altitudes with round para­chutes that open auto­mat­ically or military freefalls with parafoils and occa­sionally heavy rucksacks. Para­chuting places some special demands on footwear worn during such missions. Important features include closed hooks to prevent the hooks from becoming caught in suspension lines, good heel cush­ioning and a stable upper to prevent injuries during landing.

    • Stable upper
      The stable upper design provides stability during landings.

    • Closed hooks
      The closed hooks prevent them from becoming acci­dentally caught in parts of the parachute.

    • Good heel cush­ioning
      Good heel cush­ioning reduces stress during landings.

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