Norma Reloading Brass 6mm Dasher 100pcs

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Norma Reloading Brass 6mm Dasher, is the gold-standard of cartridge cases. A world leading game cartridge for rifle shooting. Low recoil, stable in wind and very high precision. The bullet is moly-coated. These cases start off with the best possible raw materials with the narrowest tolerances. The case necks are annealed to soften the brass and prevent gas leaks the case body is at the optimum hardness to avoid any unnecessary stretching. New, unprimed brass that features chamfered and deburred case mouths and a punched flash hole.


Norma Reloading Brass Brass 6mm Dasher Features

Norma Reloading Brass is synonymous worldwide for very high quality. Cartridge cases is an important component in Norma’s reputation. Superior quality ensures a long life and many reloads. Norma reloading brass cases are manufactured with only the very best available raw materials. Most raw materials that arrive at Norma are first sent to the receiving inspection in the lab, which then determines when the right criteria have been reached, in order to start up a new run in the production and more, the hardness, material structure and measurements of the cases are checked, through all processes. The narrowest tolerances and precise specifications deliver accuracy round after round.

The most important factor in the case production is quality control. From start to finished case, there are continuous inspections, 15-20 measurements in total, depending on the case. Although Norma use automation in production, of finished cases, five of each 300 cases are taken out for inspection. In addition to this, a final inspection is made where the cases are put through a measuring device and visually inspected. Cases are manually tested to reach 10 loadings at CIP maximum pressures, before being marketed as component reloading brass. New, un-primed brass features chamfered and deburred case mouths and should be sized before loading.

About Norma Reloading Brass

Norma was founded in 1902. From the very beginning, and until halfway through the 20th century, the company’s business was dominated by the production of military ammunition and ammunition for rifles. Nowadays, Norma manufactures around 30 million cartridges in more than 100 calibres each year. This means that Norma offers one of the biggest ranges of ammunition in the world.

Although reloaders understand the importance of good brass, most have no idea how cartridge cases are actually made. Read more about the manufacturing processes involving reloading brass and the X-Ray Spectrometry of Cartridge Brass.


100 Brass Cases per Packet

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