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  •  Firearms Shot Timer: Audio timing, precise timing for continuous firing, universal. 22.38.45 9mm, 5.56, 7.62 and 12.7 caliber
  •  IP4 waterproof:  Suitable for outdoors, it can work even in rainy days.
  •  LED display:  Shot timer can be wireless connected the LED large-screen display to make scores be clearer at a stage.
  •  Easy to operate:Graphical guide and indicator light guide, which button lightened where to press. 
1. PROFILE          
Shot timer is a device that responds to sound of gun shots, records the time that it occurs. They can give a start signal, usually a beep of some sort. M1A2 shot timer is suitable for military, police shooting training, IPSC, IDPA, 3GUNS and hunting sports. M1A2-F is designed to improve your shooting skills. Whether you are law or military enforcement, competitive shooter or a hobby shooter .It is now widely used in military and police shooting training, professional shooting sports competitions in various regions and countries.
    Three in One function, It is not only a firearm shot timer and a stopwatch, and can also be used for countdown.
2.1 Firearm Shot Timer
2.2 Stopwatch
2.3 Countdown
    It is often used in walkthrough of stages before competition and the limited time event of shooting competition. The longest countdown is 600 seconds
   3.1 Silicon buttons with working status indicator light.
   The indicator light will guide user the next operation, visually see the working status of the device. Easier for shooters to operate.
   3.2 Automatic backlight screen. 
    After hearing the gunshot, the screen will be light automatically. So the data showing      on screen are clear to read, suitable for outdoor use under strong light     conditions.
  3.3 Automatic echo filtering.
     Under closed indoor environment, interference filtering within a limited time is         automatically eliminated to ensure accurate timing.
 3.4 Quick access key. 
      Under non-timed state, press the unlock button for 2 seconds to quickly enter the          sound and sensitivity adjustment page
      Under non-timed state, press the volume button for 2 seconds to quickly enter the   interface for checking group scores.
    Under non-timed state, press "-" button for 2 seconds to quickly begin countdown function.
3.5 Automatic shutdown. 
     Under power saving mode, you can customize the automatic shutdown time. When the device has been in non-operating state for your customized time, it       will automatically shut down to save power.
3.6 Back clip(Optional accessory)
    When timer is buckled on the training belt, it is more convenient for shooters to operate and view data. It can also be hung on the chest or backpack, easy        to carry.
3.7 Wireless Shot timer can be wireless connected the LED large-screen display to make scores be clearer at a stage. Specially suitable for
      competitions and club shooting stages.
3.8 IP4 Waterproof
      It can work in rainy days for outdoor shooting events.
 The Bluetooth timer can be connected with the PractiScore APP, which can assist RO to record the scores in shooting competitions.
   In daily shooting training, it can help shooters to record the shooting results, analyze the shooting status and improve their shooting skills.
   Bluetooth wireless version: M1A2-FW

   You can refer to this link for guiderline: 
   Locatoin permission is needed before use PractiScore APP: 
   Shot timer*1
   USB charging cable*1
   User Manual*1

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